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Who We Are

Pateadores Bellevue is a premier soccer program affiliated with U.S. Club Soccer that competes in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) and the elite National Premier League (NPL) in the state of Washington.  We have a highly skilled & licensed coaching staff with professional, collegiate and Olympic development experience.  

We are the only program in the state that promotes Italy’s academy style of training.  All of our players will have the benefit of working with every coach who will deliver the same message, using a different voice and approach. Our athletes move through different training grids each session and are grouped together by skill level, not age or gender.  

The Pateadores Bellevue curriculum was built off of Empoli FC’s highly successful training program. It applies the basic philosophy of “from simple to complex,” starting from simple exercises to more complex game situations. Progression through the curriculum helps the player build basic technical skills of ball handling, passing, receiving, defending and possession - to more advanced tactical and strategic skills.  Additionally, the Pateadores Bellevue curriculum adds training to develop explosion, coordination, agility and speed - the other attributes needed for a successful soccer player.

Pateadores is one of the largest soccer clubs in California and we are proud to bring their successful philosophy and culture to Western Washington.  Formally FC Bellevue, we are a chapter of the Pateadores located in the state of Washington.  The goal was to create more opportunities for our athletes, giving them additional pathways into academies, colleges and professional programs.  Collectively, we hold multiple national, regional and state championships.  

Thank you to all our Sponsors for your support!

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15600 NE 8th St Ste B1-973
Bellevue, WA 98008